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Miriah Wall, MS, LCMHC, CYT... a counselor, yoga teacher and Assistant Creative Director at Open Door. Miriah’s approach to counseling is holistic and collaborative, considering how an individual’s physical, mental, relational, and spiritual standing relate to overall wellbeing. Optimal health is achieved via many paths, and thus counseling and coaching methods are tailored to reflect the needs of each client. Miriah works with clients with a variety of concerns, including: anxiety, depression, stress management, relationships issues, self-esteem, body image, weight loss, spirituality, and adjustment disorders. Miriah is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. 

Marcia Webster, Counseling, Open Door Integrative Wellness

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contact - 413-626-6968 

Marcia Webster, MA, CPS, SEP...

… offers individual therapy, couples counseling and workshops at Open Door for personal and collective change.  She works from a perspective that is humanistic, present, open, curious and practical.  Her work is grounded in the science of human relationships, autonomic nervous system responses and the universal need for security and attachment.  Marcia uses Somatic Experiencing® (body awareness), creativity and expressive arts and Emotionally Focused Therapy to help people transform a range of difficulties rooted in unresolved responses to trauma stuck in their bodies, relationships, hearts and minds.  

Marcia also works for The Transformation Center in Massachusetts where she advocates for changes to the mental health system that are driven by the wisdom of people, like her, who have lived experiences of recovery from trauma, mental health diagnoses and substance use.  Marcia earned her MA in Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University, is a Certified Peer Specialist and a SE® Practitioner certified by the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute, founded by Peter Levine.  Marcia is the founder of, where you can find videos and learn more about her work.