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Kate Gamble, BFA, MSPT

Kate Gamble founded Open Door is 2014 with the goal of developing a wellness center and programming that offered a different model for health care delivery. This model is client centered with the goal of allowing the individual or group to have agency through knowledge and pragmatic tools found in integrated wellness.The inspiration for this came from years of working in neurological rehabilitation programs where a team of practitioners met with the patient and family to set goals and map out a plan toward achieving these goals. Kate has also been inspired by the writings Atul Gawande and the Blue Zones Project along with many other healthcare providers and the  patients she has had the privilege to work with. She has a BFA in Dance from NYU and a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the Mayo Clinic.

Kate specializes in working with clients with biomechanical and neurological dysfunction. She develops customized movement programs for her clients that allow them to independently achieve their goals.She considers the client a partner in the rehabilitation process and focuses on education and setting individualized goals.

Kate has worked at various healthcare organizations in her almost 30 years as a Physical Therapist. These include the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center in Virginia, and Mount Ascutney Hospital in Vermont. She was Director of Rehabilitation at Whispering Pines Rehabilitation Center in Florida and Director Of Physical Therapy Services at Longwood Rehabilitation Center in Boston. She is a consultant for High Horses Therapeutic Riding.          

Kate’s somatic training includes training in the Feldenkrais Method, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Body Mind Centering,Alexander Technique and Axis Syllabus. She completed a certificate in Somatics at Moving on Center in Berkeley, CA in 2019. She trained with the Mark Morris Dance Company/Dance for Parkinson's Disease program. Her dance career included producing her own choreography in New York for three years, founding Lighthouse Dance Project in Massachusetts, and the Full Moon Performance Project in Florida. She was artistic director of Braided Light Dance Project in Florida where she produced several seasons of sold out concerts and established Jacksonville’s first modern dance company.

Sara Lamie, PT, DPT

Sara Lamie began her interest in physical movement as a student-athlete. From youth throughout higher education she excelled in cross country skiing and field hockey. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Juniata College in 2006. She earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Franklin Pierce University in 2009.

Within her 10 years of experience, she has focused primarily on orthopedic outpatient physical therapy practice in hospital-based settings, with a focus on sports medicine and geriatrics. She has specific interests in joint mobilization and manipulation, including thrust and Mulligan techniques, individualized exercise prescription, sports rehabilitation, running performance, and has experience in orthotic prescription and aquatic therapy.

Sara’s treatment philosophy incorporates her solid background in psychology and movement science to promote wellness within the individual in body and mind. She seeks to learn what drives her clients in order to form a collaborative partnership. She thrives on crafting specific exercise programs with complementary manual therapy techniques in order to to give her clients the tools to help them achieve and maintain their functional and recreational goals.