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Dear Friends-

I trust we can all feel the healing, reinvigorating influence of the longer hours of daylight. Spring calls for hope and renewal. And yet, this reawakening can also highlight what is not in sync with this season of optimism. For myself, there can sometimes be discord between what I actually feel and what I think I should feel. In my life there is so much to be celebrated—and at the same time there can be an equal measure of challenge. As we all know, the world can be simultaneously breathtakingly beautiful and frighteningly tragic. Even as I write this I think, "we should not talk of these things on this glorious spring day.” However, it is important to address both sides of our reality. Perhaps we must acknowledge the dark shadows, the hidden places, in order to celebrate and truly feel the exquisite brightness of spring.

Our work at Open Door is wedded to the idea that we all strive for ease and health. To have a client come in the door, struggling with some aspect of their health, and be given the opportunity to speak openly about their experience and not have to pretend all is well—this itself starts the process toward well-being. By acknowledging the truth of our experiences we step along the path toward optimal health. It is a privilege to be part of this transformative process.

May your spring be a time for rejuvenation. We have many new offerings at Open Door and we look forward to seeing you soon.

To your good health and happiness-
Kate Gamble, Founder

*Painting: Heron Leaving by Roderck MacIver