Simple Truths

"Owning fewer keys opens more doors.” 
― Alex Morritt

Simplicity and depth are calling me into the new year. Letting go of the unessential, diving deeper into the essential are my hopes for 2017. I am feeling the need to let go of things, including stories that no longer fit me. I am ready for change. Change in that I need and want less and for acceptance of the fact that while letting go, we make room for change.

It's the beginning of 2017 and there are many changes afoot. New team, new mission statement, new web site, new renovations. I am inspired by our work at Open Door. Hard to believe we are into our 3rd year!

We are refining a great "product",if you will. My colleagues and I have put a lot of thought into what Integrative Wellness means. We are brainstorming on what are the essential components of health and are developing programming to tackle some of the primary barriers that decrease vitality. Our intent is to develop modules that encapsulate best practices in the primary aspects of health. Stay tuned for more details...

A few simple truths have arisen in our discussions:

1. Movement can come in many forms but the key is to move daily and move well.

2. Eating food that makes you feel well just makes sense.This is a critical part of what we can do individually to achieve optimal health. The relationship we have with food is of primary importance.

3. Our mental health requires care. We need to find the tools that are unique to each of us in order to feel at ease. Mental health should never be considered a taboo subject. The state of our minds can be subtle and complex and should be considered an essential aspect of health. Using mindfulness as a fundamental tool toward better mental health can be extremely useful.

At Open Door we see health as integrated components which include mind and body. We are committed to offering programs that steer our clients toward optimal vitality.

Since last summer I have been working on developing a more cohesive movement program at OD. My goal is to develop curriculum that is staged depending on one’s movement goals.

My colleague, Scott Stone’s program has been an excellent complement to this.

Please check out our website for more details on all our classes including our movement curriculum.

  • We are pleased to continue to offer Melt workshops with Sarah Goodman
  • We will have a guest teacher, Katie Back, from Montpelier, offering Alexander technique classes and private sessions in March.
  • Britton Mann is developing our Tai Chi/Qigong program with collaborators along with expanding his reach in the community. ( see comments under Research)
                                           To your health- Kate

Clinical Research Study on Acupuncture begins at Open Door!

      Open Door will be a clinical trial site in 2017 for a pragmatic research study investigating the viability of acupuncture for chronic pain sufferers. Britton Mann, the Open Door Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine will be one of several acupuncturists in Vermont participating in this study.
      This study is open to those currently enrolled in Vermont Medicaid who are over 18 years old who have suffered pain for at least three months. Participants will receive a series of free acupuncture treatments and up to $50 compensation.
      The study was commissioned by the Vermont legislature in response to the burgeoning opioid crisis. Acupuncture has been shown in many high quality medical studies to be an effective option for pain management.
      Britton has been involved in medical research and scholarship, from both western and Asian perspectives. This is the first clinical trial of its kind in Vermont, and Open Door will be an excellent site for this research.

Nutrition Program Highlight:

Ali Price is offering a soup class on Jan. 28th!

Learn the secrets to making healthy and delicious vegetarian soups. We’ll start by making vegetarian stock from scratch, then create two more soups using the stock. Each participant will take home recipes, broth, and samples of each soup. Please bring your own soup containers to class. To register, email Ali Price.

Holly Westling offered her anti- inflammatory cleanse to ring in the new year!

Holly Westling provides nutritional counseling with a focus on functional nutrition. She enjoys helping clients reduce inflammation and resulting symptoms, identify and resolve food sensitivities. and stabilize blood sugar and hormone balance. Holly also counsels clients in sports nutrition, weight loss/gain, and how to create life-long health habits to optimize well-being through one-on-one counseling, group sessions, and cooking demonstrations.
Very well attended!

Giving back:

  • Open Door believes that generosity and gratitude are a critical component of wellness. So we continue to choose to give back when we can. This month we have decided that Planned Parenthood could use a little care….so we are offering a free workshop to their staff.
  • Also, a big shout out to anyone going to Women's March on Washington
Mae Butler