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Pertinent to this early November newsletter, there is a lovely and profound quotation attributed to the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu that translates:
If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.
If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.
If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbors.
If there is to be peace between neighbors,
There must be peace in the home.
If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart.
My daily work as an acupuncturist is focused on the inner of the concentric rings described in this quotation. I am dedicated to promoting health and reducing symptoms in my patients, and nurturing in them a sense of inner peace and deep contentment – “peace in the heart.”
About once every two years, I get to weigh in directly on the outer of the concentric rings. I am writing, of course, on the impact of voting. On November 6th I will be voting with hopes of peace in our nation and the world. Please join me.
Britton Mann, DAOM, L.Ac. Partner at Open Door

Upcoming Special Events

November Lunch and Learn: WISE in our Community

Friday, November 2, 12-1pm
Presenter: Stacey Glazer
Free and open to all!

Meet Stacey Glazer, the program operations coordinator at WISE, and learn more about WISE.

Death Cafe

Wednesday, November 14, 5:30-7pm
Free and open to the public (donations to Open Door's Scholarship Fund welcome)
Facilitator: Cynthia Stadler, Bayada Hospice nurse

Open Door and  and Bayada Hospice Nurse, Cynthia Stadler host an open conversation about end of life topics. Refreshments provided.

November Round Table: Empowering Birth

Wednesday, November 28, 6-8pm
Free and open to all with light refreshments served
Please RSVP to Katie Williams at

A round table conversation about shared decision making, place of birth, and family empowerment across the continuum of the perinatal experience, featuring medical practitioners from around the region and moderated by William Nelson, PhD, M.Div. of The Dartmouth Institute.

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Get Out and VOTE on

Tuesday, November 6th!

Huge thank you to Sally Matless and Holle Black for decking us out in these gorgeous new window plants! Please be in touch with us if you'd like more information about Sally's landscaping company.
Host your Holiday Party at Open Door!

Open Door's elegant and versatile studio spaces are the perfect spot for a celebration. Rent one of the studios and kitchen for your private event, or choose from our menu of services and let us help create the event for you. 
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Here in Hanover!
Mindful Eating During the Holidays
Holly Westling

The holidays are almost here, and when I think of the holiday season, I think of evenings of long meals spent with family and dear friends. Often holiday meals tend to be a bit heavier and sweeter than what we may normally eat. My solution to staying on track with my healthy eating plan when so many baked goods and gravy-laden meals present themselves, is to practice mindful eating and good portion control. I am a firm believer that food is one of the great pleasures in life and should be enjoyed. I do not believe in deprivation when it comes to food as that always backfires in the long run. Therefore, I encourage you to enjoy your Aunt Linda’s famous apple pie - HOWEVER, I also encourage you to be highly aware of the portion sizes you are eating during these special meals.
It is very important to maintain the proportions of vegetables to carbs and proteins that make up a healthy, balanced meal. This means that it is fine over the holidays to enjoy mashed potatoes and turkey as long as you continue to try to make most of your plate (at least half) non-starchy vegetables. For example, at Thanksgiving dinner, try to fill half or more of your plate with green beans, brussel sprouts and salad. Then, on about a quarter of your plate you can put your sliced turkey with a little gravy or cranberry and then tuck a small scoop of potatoes in the remaining space. I know this might be simplifying Thanksgiving dinner a bit, but you get my point - enjoy the food and continue to make most of what you eat be non-starchy vegetables. An excellent exercise for portion control is to take a moment before a meal to assess your hunger. What I mean by this is to literally ask yourself, “How hungry am I?” It can be helpful to think of this in terms of percentages or pie slices. For example, if it is time for dinner, I will pause and consider my hunger on a scale - thinking that perhaps I had had a good snack only 2 hours earlier. In this case, I would probably not be that hungry - maybe 60% of my full hunger. Then, when I go to fill my plate with dinner, I will fill it only 60% of a full meal to just satisfy my hunger while still keeping the ratio of non-starchy vegetables to protein and carbs in balance. This is a great exercise to minimize the habit of eating food just because it is there.
Once you determine an appropriately portioned meal, practicing mindful eating is also super important for quantity control as well as for improved digestion - not to mention that food just tastes better when you take your time and truly taste each bite. One strategy that works well is to put your fork or spoon down in between each bite and chew each bite slowly and thoroughly. Try to take in your meal completely using all of your senses - your food will never taste so good! I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.

Here is a recipe for left over turkey soup - yum!
Through our wellness programs, Open Door offers clients the tools to be self reliant and resilient, and to achieve vibrant health and well-being. We take a fresh approach to healthcare that encourages the use of preventative practices and collaboration between client and provider. We work with clients in private sessions and group classes in our studio. We also bring our services to the workplace and out to the community.
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