New Year's Pause

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New Year's Pause

Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.

                                                         -Francis Bacon

As we welcome 2019, I invite you to not read this blog right now but instead turn off your phone, your computer and close your eyes, take in a few deep breaths.

Feel what you feel touching your skin.

Hear what you hear drifting into your ears.

Notice the scent in the air.


Come back and read this at another will be here.

Peace to you and yours and to all beings.




Special Events


January Lunch and Learn
HEART TO HEART: Fostering Wellness through Expressive Writing Workshops

Friday, January 4, 12-1pm
Free and open to all

Sound Healing Sessions & Sound Bath with Sound Massage

Saturday, January 5

New Year Re-Boot and Cleanse Class

Sundays, January 6 and 13

Get Centered

Sunday, January 6,  2-4pm

Death Cafe

Wednesday, January 9, 5:30-7pm

Introduction to Teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Saturday, January 12, 2-5pm

Release, Breathe, Restore

Sunday, January 27, 2-4pm

Mindfulness: Tools for an Unburdened Life

Wednesdays, January 30- March 13, 6-7:15pm

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Level I and II

February 15-17

+ New Aerial Yoga classes coming soon!

Meet the Practitioner
 Erin McCabe
Erin McCabe is a certified athletic trainer (AT) and Professional Yoga Therapist (PYT) with an educational background in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine. She graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2008 with a BS in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine and went on to get her MS in Athletic Training from the University of Kentucky graduating in 2010. Erin has been practicing yoga since 2007 when she took a class in college and loved the mental and physical release she felt from the slower pace and inward focus of the practice. She discovered the PYT certification after her own knee injury in 2012 and began teaching in 2013. Since then she has been incorporating yoga and a more holistic approach to healthcare and healing when leading class and working one on one.Her style of teaching is intentional and focuses on alignment while inviting you to listen to your mind, body and breath. Her hope is that you will always leave class feeling as though you have learned something new and created some space.

To learn more about Erin visit her website and her blog, or send her an email:
Winter Weather Class Cancellation Policy

If the weather looks exciting, make sure to check out the announcement bar on the website for any class cancelations.
See our Complete Schedule Here!

What is Ecopsychology?

Ecopsychology is the study of the relationship between humans and the natural world, incorporating both ecology and psychology. As I like to say, it is the interaction of psyche and landscape.
Many aspects of the relationship between people and the natural world fall under the heading of ecopsychology. Nature Deficit Disorder, for example, refers to the symptoms associated with the average decline in relationship between western human society generally and nature. The symptoms and their various causes and effects are being empirically studied and reported. On the other end of the spectrum, deeply spiritual and emotional reactions to the land could also be considered ecopsychology.
In my writing practice, ecopsychological ideas and experiences are common themes. Writing is my creative component to many experiences in the natural world; it helps me understand my inner landscape, and in some cases share that with others.
On January 13th I am offering an ecopsychology writing workshop, perfect for anyone who would like to unleash their creativity through writing or expand their relationship with themselves and with the natural world. More information is available on the Open Door website, and links to examples of my writing (one full essay, one brief excerpt) are included here.
- Carly Wynn

Nutrition Notes
Holly Westling

Are you feeling energized to start the New Year!? As fun as the holiday season is, it can sometimes leave us feeling depleted. The increased frequency and quantity of holiday treats along with perhaps staying up later than usual can be an exhausting combination. Some ways we can boost our energy heading into the new year, is to:

1)  Avoid sugar as much as possible and if you decide to enjoy a treat, try to make it an infrequent pleasure and always combine it with a high fiber food or protein. This will slow the absorption of the sugar and not impact your blood sugar as negatively.

2)  Try to avoid hunger by eating small, frequent meals. This will stabilize your metabolism and help maintain energy.

3)  Increase your non-starchy vegetable intake making at least half of your meal plate full of vegetables. This will help you avoid over-eating starchy foods that cause energy fluctuations and replenish your nutrient stores.

4)  Stay well hydrated by drinking about half your body’s weight in ounces of water or herbal tea.

5)  Sign up for our New Year Cleanse Class. Open Door offers the perfect remedy to ridding yourself of any holiday residue in the form of our January Cleanse and Re-Boot class. During 2, 1-hour sessions we will eliminate any bad nutritional habits and create a long- term, individualized, energy-boosting food plan. People who participate in this program have boasted feeling energized (physically and mentally), and have achieved success in overcoming sugar addiction - a very common issue after the holidays. Please email Holly to register for the Cleanse Class at:

Here is a sample recipe from our cleanse class. Enjoy! 

Through our wellness programs, Open Door offers clients the tools to be self reliant and resilient, and to achieve vibrant health and well-being. We take a fresh approach to healthcare that encourages the use of preventative practices and collaboration between client and provider. We work with clients in private sessions and group classes in our studio. We also bring our services to the workplace and out to the community.
Learn more about our Services>

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"Advice is like the snow. The softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon and the deeper it sinks into the mind.”

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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