September 2019

Integrative Wellness

Stepping Into Autumn


Song at the Beginning of Autumn
Elizabeth Jennings

Now watch this autumn that arrives 
In smells. All looks like summer still;
Colours are quite unchanged, the air
On green and white serenely thrives.
Heavy the trees with growth and full
The fields. Flowers flourish everywhere.

Proust who collected time within
A child's cake would understand
The ambiguity of this -
Summer still raging while a thin
Column of smoke stirs from the land
Proving that autumn gropes for us.

But every season is a kind
Of rich nostalgia. We give names -
Autumn and summer, winter, spring -
As though to unfasten from the mind
Our moods and give them outward forms.
We want the certain, solid thing.

But I am carried back against
My will into a childhood where
Autumn is bonfires, marble, smoke;
I lean against my window fenced
From evocations in the air.
When I said autumn, autumn broke.
A Sampling of our Upcoming Special Events

September Lunch & Learn- Introduction to our Energy Bodies
Date: Friday, September 6
Time: 12-1pm
Presenter: Marianna Jacobs
Free and Open to All!!
Come join Marianna Jacobs for a exploration of energy!
An introduction to our Energy Bodies and how we interact with the world around us. With a review of the 7 major Chakras, our energy centers, Marianna will share simple tools to clear energy that no longer serves you as well share The Shamanistic approach to healing. A wonderful opportunity to learn of some of the ancient healing practices from Peru, India and Indonesia.
For questions or to RSVP, please email Marianna at

Death Cafe
Date: Wednesday, September 11
Time: 5:30-7pm
Cost: Free and open to the public
Facilitator: Cynthia Stadler, Bayada Hospice nurse
Open Door and  and Bayada Hospice Nurse, Cynthia Stadler host an open conversation about end of life topics. Refreshments provided.
A Death Café is a group-directed discussion of death with no agenda or objectives. Recognizing that society does not make it easy to talk about death, we aim to create a respectful, open, confidential space to explore thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about death, dying, and related subjects. Join us for refreshments and lively conversation as we explore death and ultimately how to make the most of our (finite) lives. This is not a bereavement support group or a grief counseling group. Everyone is welcome.
For questions or to RSVP, email Cynthia at 

Experiential Anatomy: Demystifying the Nervous System
Date: Sunday, September 15
Time: 1-3pm
Instructor: Erin Ingram
Price: $30
Please join me for a spine-tingling discussion as we untangle the mysterious web of the Nervous System! By better understanding our nervous system, we can better appreciate what our neurons have to say. 
Erin Ingram is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with Board Certification in Neurologic Physical Therapy through the APTA.
RSVP or questions, contact

Free Day of Wellness for Cancer Patients and their Caregivers
Come learn about Open Door Integrative Wellness offerings that support those touched by cancer, both patients and caregivers.
Date: Saturday, September 28th
Time: 1:30-4:30PM

Chair Massage- Julie Clemons.

Julie offers therapeutic and relaxation massage on weekdays and weekends at Open Door.

Somatics Introduction- Kate Gamble MSPT
2-2:30PM and 3:30-4PM
A brief 30 minute class will be offered 2x in the day. We will focus on the benefits of somatic work, focusing on relieving tension and pain and encouraging the nervous system to rest and re-calibrate through breath work and gentle movement. This is open to all.

Food as Medicine- Lili Hanft, NTP
A brief presentation about using food to support the body’s innate healing ability. Nutritional therapy addresses health conditions such as cancer by supporting the foundations of health with a nutrient-dense, bio individualized diet.

Introduction to Community Acupuncture- Dr. Britton Mann DAOM, LAc
Learn the latest about community acupuncture for cancer patients based on current research and protocol development at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the Society for Integrative Oncology.

See our Complete Schedule Here!

Building Better Packed Lunches
Lili Hanft, NTP 

September has us getting back into the routine of school and work, and with that comes packing lunches. Instead of packing a sandwich and a bag of chips for lunch, which tend to be highly processed and low in nutrients, switch to a big, colorful, hearty salad. Salad for lunch doesn’t have to mean just lettuce with tomato (and feeling hungry half an hour later). To create a satisfying meal that will keep you feeling energized and satiated for hours, include a generous portion of protein and healthy fats in addition to a rainbow of vegetables. 

Make packing lunches quick and easy during the week by spending some time prepping meal components (proteins, veggies, starches, and fats) on the weekend, which can then be transformed into weekday lunches. This way, you don’t get stuck eating the same thing everyday. On prep day: 

● Make a couple of proteins. Roast a whole chicken, hard boil eggs, make canned tuna or salmon salad, cook taco-seasoned ground beef, or make liver pâté. 

● Prep vegetables and fruits (wash, chop, etc.) 

● Make a couple of starches: cook rice, quinoa, lentils, bake sweet potatoes, boil potatoes 

● Gather healthy fats: avocado oil mayo (for tuna salad, egg salad, potato salad), avocados, olives, nuts, grass-fed/organic cheeses. Make a salad dressing such as vinaigrette (extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, garlic) or lemon tahini (see recipe). 

Here are some ideas of ways to combine your meal-prepped components into lunches: 

● Canned salmon or tuna + green beans, onion, tomato + potatoes + vinaigrette 

● Chicken + steamed broccoli/kale + baked sweet potato + lemon tahini dressing, avocado 

● Hard-boiled eggs + cucumber, tomato, pepper + chickpeas + kalamata olives, feta cheese 

● Taco-seasoned ground beef + lettuce, tomatoes, peppers + rice + avocado 

With this simple, flexible strategy and some forethought, you can enjoy delicious, nourishing packed lunches even during busy times.

Lemon Tahini Dressing 

1⁄2 c. tahini (sesame seed butter)
Juice of one lemon.
Filtered water, as needed 1⁄4 tsp. each garlic and onion powder (or more to taste)
Salt and pepper, to taste 

Whisk all ingredients together (or combine in a blender), adding water until dressing is liquid enough to pour.
Enjoy over salad greens, roasted veggies, baked sweet potato, etc

Functional Fitness
Instructor: Sarah Booker, MS, ATC, CSCS
Date:Friday Aug 30 (8:30-9:30am)
Tuesdays (starting September 3) 7:30-8:30am
Price: $18 drop in, $160 for 10-class card. Register here>

A morning strength class with a strong emphasis on quality of movement.  We will incorporate body-weight exercises, free weights, TRX/rings, and core strength.
Start your day right!!
For questions, email Sarah at

Lengthen & Strengthen
Instructor: Kevin Comeau, CMT, CPT
Date: Wednesdays, beginning August 28
Time: 12-12:50pm
Price: $18 drop in, $160 for 10-class card. Register here>

A supple body makes movement easier.  This class aims to restore and preserve movement that is full, easy, and pain-free.
For questions, email Kevin at

Strengthen Your Core
Instructor: Sara Lamie
Date: Wednesdays (starting September 4)
Time: 10:30-11:30am
Price: $18 drop in, $160 for 10-class card. Register here>

The "core" is the keystone to stability and strength in the arms and legs. This core strengthening class is designed to activate, isolate, coordinate, and challenge your deep abdominal muscles, pelvic stabilizers, and shoulder girdle.
All levels are welcome, and modifications and progressions will be offered as needed.
For questions, email Sara at

Aging Actively
Instructor: Ann Greenwald
Dates: Mondays and Wednesdays, September 9 - November 13, 2019
Time: 9-10 am
Price: $360 for 10 weeks (20 classes)

Finding balance and pain-free movement in an ever changing body can be hard and frustrating! This 10 week exercise class will address how we currently move and walk and will give options on how to retrain our bodies so we don’t wear out so quickly. All levels of fitness are welcome.
For questions or to register, email Ann at

Run Well - Open Clinic
Instructors: Sarah Booker, MS, ATC, CSCS & Carly Wynn, Endurance Coach and semi-pro athlete
Dates: Tuesdays, September 17, September 24, October 1, October 8
Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm
Price: 4-week full session: $120 (Individualized plan), Drop-in: $35/session (standardized running injury prevention program)

RunWell is a sports medicine and injury prevention clinic for runners. Athletes of all levels can come together to complete injury prevention, prehab, and mobility exercises, meet with an athletic trainer and an endurance coach, and find support in a group setting.
If you sign up for 4 sessions, your rate includes an individual session to determine your needs before the group begins. 
If you are a drop-in participant, complete a standardized injury prevention program for runners, created by Sarah and Carly.
For questions email Sarah at or Carly at
Please register at RunWell Registration

Healthy Spines: Achieving a healthy spine through education, posture and exercise
Instructor: Lisa Blackburn, PT
Dates: Wednesdays, September 18- October 16
Time: 5:30-7pm
Price: $150 for series, $35 for drop in. Register here>
A five class series designed to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and exercise tools to maximize your spinal health.  Whether you are having pain or want to improve your athletic performance - posture, body mechanics and deep core strength are critical to achieving your goals.  
For questions, email Lisa at
Move more;-)
Intro to Modern Dance
Dates:  Tuesdays, beginning September 10
Time: 5:30-7pm
Instructor: Kelly Armbrust & guest teachers
Price:  $18 drop in, $160 for class card.  Register here>

This introductory class will explore the basics of modern dance through floor work, standing center work, traveling phrases and creative exploration of concepts. No experience necessary. 
For questions, email Kate at

Dates: Tuesdays, beginning September 10
Time: 3:45-5:15pm
Instructor: Kelly Armbrust & guest teachers
Price: $18 drop in, $160 10-class card. Register here>

Using imagery and grounding techniques from somatic traditions, we will play with gravity, weight, release, and recovery to enliven our movement. Some experience necessary.
For questions, email Kate at for more details.

Improvisation and Choreography
Dates: Thursdays, beginning September 12
Time: 3:45-5:15pm
Instructor: Kate Gamble and guests
Ages: 12 and up (younger students with dance training and approval from teacher may join the class)  
Price: $18 drop in, $160 10-class card.  Register here>
Through improvisational tools and structures, we will create short solo and group studies taking time to get and give constructive feedback.
For questions, email Kate at

Movement: Your Body’s Voice
Date:  Tuesdays and Thursdays
Instructor: Marie Fourcaut
Price:  $20 drop in, $180 for 10-class card. Register here>

”Movement: Your Body’s Voice” is the result of years of exploration and practice with dedicated upper valley community members.

In this class we'll learn to:
Walk to discover and create Space
Connect with each other and learn to Listen
Perform for each other and appreciate the resonances as we Converse.
 Music, poetry, and images will inspire us to connect with our own unique body’s voice, and with others.
For questions, email Marie at

Creative Movement for Kids
Dates: Saturdays, September 14 & October 12
Time: 8:30am - 10:00am
Instructor: Angela Krapovicky
Ages:  5 – 10 years
Price: $18 per class, register here>

Kids ages 5 – 10 will discover the joy of movement and improvisational dance in an inclusive environment. They will use imagination, increase body/spatial awareness, channel expressive energy, learn about respecting self and others and have fun! No experience needed.
For more information, email Angela at

Fundamentals I
Date: Wednesdays, September 25-November 13
Time: 3:45-4:45pm
Instructor:   Hailey Swett & Brigid Armbrust
Ages:  8-11 years
Price: $18 drop in, $128 full series. Register here>

This introductory class will explore fundamentals of modern dance through floor work, standing center work, traveling phrases and creative exploration of concepts. No experience necessary.

Fundamentals II
Date: Saturdays, beginning September 14
Time: 11:00-12:30pm
Instructor: Kelly Armbrust
Ages: 11-15, No experience necessary.
Price: $18 drop in, $160 10-class card. Register here>

This class will explore fundamentals of modern dance through floor work, standing center work, traveling phrases and creative exploration of concepts.  We will work toward healthy, skeletal alignment, greater strength and flexibility, and attend to both our inner and outer experience of moving through space. 
For questions, email Kelly at 

Through our wellness programs, Open Door offers clients the tools to be self reliant and resilient, and to achieve vibrant health and well-being. We take a fresh approach to healthcare that encourages the use of preventative practices and collaboration between client and provider. We work with clients in private sessions and group classes in our studio. We also bring our services to the workplace and out to the community.
Learn more about our Services>

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