Our Team

 Caroline Cannon

Kate Gamble, BFA, MSPT - Founder and Physical Therapist- CEO,

Kate founded Open Door in 2015 with the intention of providing wellness care in a way that also fostered and valued community. Kate is a physical therapist, dancer, choreographer and teacher who is engaged in the exploration of the many faces of movement. Kate's combined training as a modern dancer and a physical therapist allows her to facilitate movement experiences that are safe and transformative. In addition to physical therapy, Kate teaches somatics classes at Open Door. Learn more about Kate here. 


Britton Mann, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine- Director of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Britton holds a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the highest-level credential available to practitioners of Chinese medicine in the United States. He is board certified in acupuncture and herbal medicine, holds licensure in New Hampshire and Vermont, and is a member of the Vermont Acupuncture Association and the New Hampshire Acupuncture and Asian Medicine Association. His research has been published in both Western and Chinese medical journals, and he lectures regularly on the subject of Chinese medicine. Learn more about Britton here



Miriah Wall, MS, LCMHC, CYT- Counselor and Operations Manager

Miriah is a counselor, yoga teacher and Operations Manager at Open Door. Miriah’s approach to counseling is holistic and collaborative, considering how an individual’s physical, mental, relational, and spiritual standing relate to overall wellbeing. Optimal health is achieved via many paths, and thus counseling and coaching methods are tailored to reflect the needs of each client. Learn more about Miriah here.

Caroline Cannon, MBA -  Financial Officer

Caroline Cannon has 19 years of experience developing business models and growth strategies across a wide variety of industries, most recently in healthcare. She comes to Open Door with the particular interest of redefining wellness practices within the Upper Valley community. In particular, how Open Door creates and promotes programs that include combinations of healthy eating, strength, flexibility, and stress reduction to prevent illness and injury, manage wellness, and address overall health. Caroline works with the core team to identify community needs and develop programs that address the specific wellness issues of a given population.