Teen/Adult Dance

Exploration of the many faces of movement


Intro to Modern Dance

Dates:  Tuesdays
Time: 5:30-7pm
Instructor: Kelly Armbrust & guest teachers
Price:  $18 drop in, $160 for class card.  Register here>

This introductory class will explore the basics of modern dance through floor work, standing center work, traveling phrases and creative exploration of concepts.  We will work toward healthy, skeletal alignment, greater strength and mobility, and attend to both our inner and outer experience of moving through space. Concepts will include grounding/centering, release/recovery, various forms of partner work and more.  No experience necessary. Comfortable clothing and bare feet please.

For questions, email Kate at opendoorwrj@gmail.com


Dates: Tuesdays
Time: 3:45-5:15pm
Instructor: Kelly Armbrust & guest teachers
Price: $18 drop in, $160 10-class card. Register here>

Using imagery and grounding techniques from somatic traditions, we will play with gravity, weight, release, and recovery to enliven our movement. Some experience necessary.

For questions, email Kate at opendoorwrj@gmail.com for more details.


Movement: Your Body’s Voice

Date:  Tuesdays and Thursdays
Instructor: Marie Fourcaut
Price:  $20 drop in, $180 for 10-class card. Register here>

”Movement: Your Body’s Voice” is the result of years of exploration and practice with dedicated upper valley community members.

In this class we'll learn to:
Walk to discover and create Space
Connect with each other and learn to Listen
Perform for each other and appreciate the resonances as we Converse

Each participant will practice finding comfort in Stillness, and from Stillness develop their own movements, gestures, and acts through exploration of specific themes. Music, poetry, and images will inspire us to connect with our own unique body’s voice, and with others. Come with comfortable clothes and an open mind. Marie Fourcaut, born in Algeria and raised in France, began her professional dance career in Paris at the age of 16 and has worked with leading international modern dance companies around the world. For nearly 30 years Marie has taught dance, pilates, and yoga to thousands of students of all levels, from novices to professional dancers. Marie brings her passionate presence and intuitive intelligence of the body to all her movement work.

For questions, email Marie at mariefourcaut@gmail.com.


Improvisation and Choreography

Dates: TBD
Time: TBD
Instructor: Kate Gamble and guests
Ages: 12 and up (younger students with dance training and approval from teacher may join the class)  
Price: $18 drop in, $160 10-class card.  Register here>

Through improvisational tools and structures we will create short solo and group studies taking time to get and give constructive feedback.

For questions, email Kate at opendoorwrj@gmail.com