Exploration of the many faces of movement

Somatics & Fitness


Gymnastic Strength and Mobility Circuit Training
Instructor: Joseph Sargent
Date: Mondays, beginning September 10
Time: 5:30-6:30pm
Price: $16 drop in, $140 for 10-class card

Build a foundation of strength and mobility through gymnastic circuit training. Sequences of exercises will develop core, upper, and lower body strength, while preserving joint integrity.

Students will learn to develop strength, coordinative control, and active joint mobility, through movements utilizing their own body-weight and the floor, wall, gymnastic rings, stall bars, resistance bands, and more. This is a perfect class for anyone looking to tone and strengthen their bodies safely and progressively, or for athletes looking to create strong, resilient joints that can absorb the stresses of their sport.

For questions or to register in advance, email Joe at


Men’s Movement 101
Instructor: Joseph Sargent
Date: Wednesday, beginning September 19
Time: 12-1pm
Price: $16 drop in, $130 for 10-class card

Enter into a broader perspective on movement and physicality.  Students will be given tools and principles to explore new ways of moving and to unleash greater movement fluidity, strength and mobility, balance, speed, coordination, and overall physical adaptability.

Much of this class has been inspired by the work of Ido Portal. Here is a sample of Ido’s work:

Some material which we will focus on:
-Spinal waves, freeing up and integrating spinal movement
-Various squatting patterns, basic positions and moving transitions between them
-Ido Portal’s system of “locomotion”
-Facilitation of complex movement patterns using movement situations and partnering work

This is a class for men, in which consideration will be given to specific needs of men’s bodies.

This is a 10-week series and will be ongoing if there is sufficient interest. Register in advance by contacting Joe at

man lunging .jpg

Stretching 101
Instructor: Kevin Comeau
Date: Wednesdays, beginning September 19
Time: 12-12:45pm
Price: $18 drop-in, $60 for 4-class series

Explore your true length!  Stretching is an activity most admire, but few do.  Many factors keep people from starting a flexibility program.  Two of the most common are: embarrassment over the current state of affairs (I’m stiff!), and confusion over how to proceed. In this 4-week class, we will start from the beginning and build a solid base of knowledge about flexibility.  We will answer the following questions:

What is a stretch?  How does it differ from strengthening muscles?
What difference will stretching make?
What is the anatomy behind stretching?
How often should I stretch?  How long do I hold one?
Are there different ways of stretching?  Which is best for me?

Each class will last 45 minutes, and include:

Brief discussion and check-in
Featured stretches and modalities
Quiet relaxation
Optional homework

The class is open to anyone who wants to explore his or her capacity for greater suppleness, and by extension, greater ease of movement and day to day comfort.  No previous experience is assumed.

For questions or to register, email Kevin at

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Head-to-toe on the go  Cardio Conditioning
Instructor: Dr. Laleh Talebian
Date: Fridays, September 14- October 19
Price: $16 drop in, $90 for 6-class series

This class is in a circuit format, with multiple stations and various components, including strength building, resistance training, core conditioning, balance and stability, and cardiovascular training.The basic structure of the class remains the same, however, the stations and exercises change weekly in order to keep you engaged, challenged, and invigorated each week. You will leave this class feeling challenged but energized, motivated and excited to return.

For questions or to register, email Laleh at

Happy Joints
Instructor: Erin McCabe
Date: Sundays, September 23- November 4 (no class September 30 & October 28)
Time: 1-3pm
Price: $25 drop-in,  5-classes for $100

This workshop series will focus on some of the major joints in our bodies to help you learn how to move, stabilize and maintain healthy and happy joints. The practice will focus on release work using blocks and balls, mobility exercises, and yoga asana. Be prepared to leave with new knowledge of your body, how to reduce pain and stress on joints, and feeling like your body has a bit more space! 


Spine 9/23
Hips 10/7
Shoulders 10/14
Knees 10/21
Hands & Feet 11/4

For questions or to register, email Erin at