Exploration of the many faces of movement

Healthy Spines: Achieving a healthy spine through education, posture and exercise

Instructor: Lisa Blackburn, PT

A five class series designed to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and exercise tools to maximize your spinal health.  Whether you are having pain or want to improve your athletic performance - posture, body mechanics and deep core strength are critical to achieving your goals.  Join Lisa Blackburn, owner of Blackburn Physical Therapy in Hanover, at Open Door in exploring the concepts of neutral spine, dynamic alignment and core stability as it applies to everyday activities and athletic pursuits.
Equipment needs: 36”x6” foam roller, Swiss Ball (55 cm or 65 cm sized to the individual), Franklin Foot Balls  (participants may bring their own equipment or purchase at the class)

The ability to attend the first two sessions of the series is critical to mastering the material.  If you cannot make the first two sessions we suggest you wait to take the Healthy Spine Series during the next offering.

 Lisa Blackburn is a seasoned physical therapist who specializes in manual physical therapy. Training in manual therapy techniques through Michigan State University School of Osteopathy Continuing Education Program differentiates her skill set from other practitioners.  She also has extensive continuing education in foot biomechanics, gait and running analysis.  Lisa enjoys keeping people healthy and moving in order to fully maximize success in their chosen activity.

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Stretching 101
Instructor: Kevin Comeau
Date: TBD

Explore your true length!  Stretching is an activity most admire, but few do.  Many factors keep people from starting a flexibility program.  Two of the most common are: embarrassment over the current state of affairs (I’m stiff!), and confusion over how to proceed. In this 4-week class, we will start from the beginning and build a solid base of knowledge about flexibility.  We will answer the following questions:

man lunging .jpg

What is a stretch?  How does it differ from strengthening muscles?
What difference will stretching make?
What is the anatomy behind stretching?
How often should I stretch?  How long do I hold one?
Are there different ways of stretching?  Which is best for me?

Each class will last 45 minutes, and include:

Brief discussion and check-in
Featured stretches and modalities
Quiet relaxation
Optional homework

The class is open to anyone who wants to explore his or her capacity for greater suppleness, and by extension, greater ease of movement and day to day comfort.  No previous experience is assumed.

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Better Balance

Instructor: Sara Lamie
Date: TBD

Balance improves the more you practice. Join us for a weekly balance class to improve or maintain your stability in gait, static balance, and in daily functional activities. This class will improve your confidence in moving through crowded spaces, turning in place, changing speed and direction, and navigating uneven surfaces. Strengthening exercises relevant to balance strategies will be included, as well as education in safe strategies for activities of daily living.

All levels are welcome to join, and difficulty level will be tailored to the group, with modifications and progressions demonstrated as appropriate.

Sara is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with 9 years experience in orthopedics and geriatrics. She seeks to learn what drives her clients in order to form a collaborative partnership. Her intent is to give her clients the tools to help them achieve and maintain their functional and recreational goals.   

For questions, email Sara at

Gymnastic Strength and Mobility Circuit Training
Instructor: Joseph Sargent
Date: TBD
Price: $18 drop in, $160 for 10-class card

Build a foundation of strength and mobility through gymnastic circuit training. Sequences of exercises will develop core, upper, and lower body strength, while preserving joint integrity.

Students will learn to develop strength, coordinative control, and active joint mobility, through movements utilizing their own body-weight and the floor, wall, gymnastic rings, stall bars, resistance bands, and more. This is a perfect class for anyone looking to tone and strengthen their bodies safely and progressively, or for athletes looking to create strong, resilient joints that can absorb the stresses of their sport.

For questions, email Joe at