Instructor: Stefan Grace, L.Ac.
Tuesdays 12-1:15pm, starting June 6
Series of 8 classes: $120, Drop in $18. Register here>

Baguazhang is a Chinese internal martial art that emphasizes roundness and circularity in its movements. With a focus on dexterity and nimbleness, this martial art uses meditative circle-walking to train the practitioner to move in a fluid and relaxed manner, aligning breath with movement. This series of classes will focus on the neigong (internal cultivation) aspects of bagua, with a series of warm-ups that aim to open, relax and retrain the body's movement habits, followed by circle-walking exercises.


Instructor: Paul Mahoney
Time: Friday's 10am-11am

Paul Mahoney will teach a tai chi for health class that includes instruction of the Yang style short form and will include qigong (Chee gong) practice.

This course is suitable for beginners who are interested in improving their health while learning this ancient art form.  This course is also suitable as an intro to tai chi chuan for students who are interested in not only the health side but in learning the martial art of tai chi. Once the basics are mastered students would then have an option to start a more in depth study which includes partner exercises including push hands, chin Na, applications and the Yang style fighting set. 

Paul Mahoney has over thirty years of tai chi experience. To learn more about him please visit:

Contact Paul with questions by emailing him here.