Yoga & Somatics

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Title: Release, Breathe, and Restore
Instructor: Erin McCabe
Date: Sunday, December 9
Time: 2-4pm
Cost: $30

This workshop will focus relieving and releasing physical, mental, and emotional tension as you are guided through self myofascial release work with balls and blocks, breath work, and restorative yoga. What better way to balance the buzz of the holiday season than through gentle self-care? Refill your tank so you have more to give back!

Erin McCabe is a certified athletic trainer (AT) and professional yoga therapist (PYT) with over 10 years of experience. Her style of yoga and instruction is anatomically based with a gentle focus on the deeper, subtle layers of our systems. She hopes you will always leave feeling as though you have learned something.

For questions or to register, email Erin at

Yoga for Mothers: A class for women and babies

Instructor: Cicely Conway
Dates: Wednesdays, beginning January 2
Time: 10:30-11:30am

More information coming soon!

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Gentlemen’s Yoga
Instructor: Britton Mann
Date: Fridays
Time: 12-1pm
Price: $18 drop in, $120 for 8-week series

Inflexibility is a virtue in this class. Athletileisure clothing or yoga-specific pants not required. Sense of humor and/or ability to make light of one’s own shortcomings and short hamstrings is a pre-requisite. Classes range from quiet and meditative to moderately spirited.

Britton has been sharing his understanding of various yoga and other movement arts for 16 years.

For questions, email Britton at

Aerial Yoga

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Aerial Yoga for Beginners
Instructor: Lisa Varno
Date/Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10-11am & Fridays, 5:30-6:30 pm
Price: $20, pre-registration required

Combines traditional yoga with the basic physical training of an aerial acrobat. Designed for those with no aerial experience, this practice uses a low-hanging soft fabric trapeze to support body weight for deep stretching, effortless inversions, deep core strengthening, and FUN!

VaihAyasa is Sanskrit for “being or moving in the air, suspended in the air, sky-dwellers.” An appropriate name for this style of Aerial Yoga that combines the fun of other playful acrobatic aerial, with the grounding and alignment-centered details of more yogic aerial. Sink into your practice more quickly, deepen stretches, find proper alignment naturally, and reap the benefits of inversions without strain on the joints of the body.

Aerial Yoga: Intermediate

Date: Sundays (no class 12/9)
Time: 9:30-10:30am
Instructor: Lisa Varno
Price: $20, pre-registration required


This class is for anyone interested in exploring more challenging poses, flows, and inversions in their aerial hammock. Develop whole body strength, increase flexibility and spinal alignment, and settle into a soothing savasana at the end of each session. Overall, this is a faster-paced class--students must have previous experience with aerial yoga. 

Any student with the following physical limitations should consult their doctor prior to participating in our intermediate classes: Pregnancy, Glaucoma, Recent surgery (shoulder, eyes, back, hips, wrists, knees, hands), Heart/Cardiovascular conditions, Vertigo, Osteoporosis, Join laxity, Recent head injury/history of concussion, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Severe arthritis, Sinusitis/head cold, Hernia, Disc herniation, Join replacement (full or partial), Diagnosed neurological conditions, Severe muscle spasms.

Email Lisa at with any questions. For more information visit

Restorative Aerial Yoga
Instructor: Lisa Varno
Date: Sundays, (excluding the first Sunday of the month)- no class 12/9
Time: 7-8pm
Price: $20, pre-registration required

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We use a soft fabric hammock that supports up to 1000 lbs. to move through a series of restorative poses that will rejuvenate and deeply relax your nervous system. This practice has numerous physical and emotional benefits as it provides the body an opportunity to renew and heal from the inside out. The hammock will be hung close to the floor so that students can use the prop to either partially or fully support the weight of the body. The support of the fabric will allow you to move into postures that might otherwise be unavailable due to physical limitations. Enjoy a luxurious final relaxation cocooned in your hammock.

For questions, email 

To register, visit

Aerial Yoga Private Sessions
For any student with physical limitations, or those looking to strengthen and fine tune their practice.

  • $75 total for 1-3 students

  • $20 per person for 4-8 students 

Also offering the following sessions tailored to your needs:
-Team Building
-Girls' Night Out
-Date Night
-Wedding Parties
-Family session
-Birthday Party (ages 14+)

Email Lisa at to schedule your session. 

Sunday Family Fun Aerial Yoga
Instructor: Dana Hurley
Dates: Sundays (October 14, 28, November 4, 11, 25, December 2, 9 & 16)

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Family Aerial Yoga 
Time: 11-12pm
Cost:$20 per person

A class suitable for older children ages 8+ and their parents. Parents are encouraged but not required to take class with their children and may drop their child off if they feel comfortable to leave. This class is an hour aerial yoga sequence where students will safely explore flying poses supported with the aerial hammock. Students will be given proper saftey instruction with also freedom to play and explore new avenues of movement. 

Little flyers Aerial Class
Time: 12:15-12:45pm
Cost: $10 per child & parent

A class suitable for children ages 4-7. Parents are asked to be available to help assist. This half hour class will include games and interactive poses. We will use the aerial hammock to explore space and develop imagination. 

Parent and Me Aerial 
Time: 1-1:30pm
Cost: $10 per child & parent

This class is designed specifically for parents and their children ages 2-3 years. Parents will share a silk with their child and learn fun partner poses with their toddler. Yoga in the Aerial hammock helps develop proprioception through the sensory imput of the fabric. 

Dana Hurley is a Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and holds a B.A. in Fine Art from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. She is licensed in New Hampshire for massage and holds certifications in Sarga bodywork, Advanced Ashiatsu Deepfeet Therapy, Myofascial release, Cranial Fascial Therapy, Thai massage, and Orthopedic assessment. She holds a second degree black belt in Kenpo and is a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. She is certified in Transcend Aerial Yoga and is finishing her training as an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist through the Himalayan Institute.  

For questions, email Dana at

To register for a class, visit:

Therapeutic Yoga
Instructor: Holle Black
Dates: Wednesdays, Beginning January 9, 2019
Time: 5:30 -6:30pm
Cost: $75 for 5-clas card, $18 drop in

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This yoga class works with the common musculoskeletal imbalances that occur with pain and injury. Postures are chosen based on the student’s in the class as well as the understanding of these common imbalances. Props and modifications are used to help all students experience the healing potential in each posture. Pranayama and meditation will be included to work with the nervous system and to help with pain, anxiety and depression. This class is geared towards students with injury, chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

All levels welcome. 

Holle is a C-IAYT, and  E-RYT 500 certified Yoga Therapist who studied under the guidance of master teacher Yoganand Michael Carroll, and Marlysa Sullivan MPT, E-RYT. In addition, Holle is a certified prenatal yoga teacher, certified kids yoga teacher, and has completed an additional 300 hour training with David Emerson at the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts. Holle designed and directs the Trauma Sensitive Yoga, 20 hour training module for the 500hr therapeutic Center for Integrative Yoga Studies advanced teacher training. Holle is the founder and director of Centering Youth, a yoga service project in Atlanta, that brings yoga and mindfulness to incarcerated youth, incarcerated pregnant women, homeless LGBTQ youth, Refugee youth and women, and women who have been sexually exploited.

For more information or to register, email Holle at

Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement®

Cultivate Resilience and an Appetite for Life with Awareness through Movement®
Instructor: Frauke Voss
Dates: TBD

Compromised Jaw Function Affects Our Whole Self
In infancy our mouth and jaw are central to learning.As adults we find that stresses often settle in the jaw, causing discomfort and even pain, with tightness in the neck and shoulders. However, a tight jaw affects not only adjacent areas but our whole self.
In this class we will explore the pivotal role of the mouth and jaw in relation to the eyes, neck and shoulders, as well as the breastbone, spine and pelvis and our relationship to the ground through our feet. 
A well functioning, released jaw makes us feel more balanced and has a profound impact on our physical as well as emotional well being.

The Clarity of Hip and Shoulder Interaction Influences the Way We Walk through Life
The relationship of shoulders and hips is worth exploring and clarifying. The shoulder girdle and pelvis are linked by the spine and there is an underlying ‘grammar’ to their relationship in movement. An awareness of this ‘grammar’ makes us feel more grounded and has an invigorating, life-affirming impact on how we move through space and life.
In two dynamic Awareness through Movement® lessons we will explore shoulder and hip circles as well as shoulder, hip and spine integration.

Please dress comfortably, if you plan to attend.

For questions or to register, email Frauke at