Training in the moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, relationships and environment




Date: Wednesdays starting February 7, 2018
Time: 12-1pm
Price: By donation to Open Door's Scholarship Fund

Simple instruction provided by Kate Gamble and Open Door staff at 12pm followed by silent meditation. Feel free to stop in for 10 minutes or the entire hour. Meditation cushions provided. For questions please email opendoorwrj@gmail.com

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Mindfulness & Self-Compassion: An Experiential Workshop

Instructor: Lisa Varno, RYT, M.M.Ed.
Date: Sunday, March 25
Time: 2-4:30pm
Price: $25 per participant if registered before March 18, $30 per participant if registered after March 18

  • Experience mindfulness and self-compassion practices to enrich your everyday life

  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than self-criticism

  • Support yourself in the midst of challenging emotions

Join us for the second of several upcoming monthly mindfulness workshops with Lisa Varno! Discover a deeper mind/body/heart connection during this heart-felt experiential workshop focused on mindfulness and self-compassion. Gather together with a community of others as we explore mindful movement with heart-opening sequences, a guided loving-kindness meditation, reflective journaling, and opportunity for discussion.

Participants should wear comfortable, loose clothing. Participants are asked to bring a yoga mat, blanket, journal, and pen. All are welcome—come as you are.

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Lisa Varno has been exploring contemplative practice in a variety of settings for over 25 years. Her professional experience ranges from teaching music, yoga, and mindfulness to students ranging from three to 85. Lisa creates a safe, relaxed and inviting space for participants to engage in their practice with a sense of curiosity, wonder, and grace.

For questions and registration, email Lisa at www.lisavarno.com/register.


Mindfulness: Tools for an Unburdened Life

Instructor: Nick Doolittle, LICSW
Date: Mondays, February 26- April 2
Time: 5:30-6:45pm
Price: $120 before February 19, $150 after February 20

Learn how to eliminate patterns of stress, reactivity, and anxiety in your life.  In this class, open to all experience levels, we will learn about the theory and practice of mindfulness techniques from a variety of traditions, including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Buddhism, and therapeutic models.  This class is for those particularly interested in going beyond themes of soothing, coping, or relaxation, to establish deeper and more authentic change in their lives.  The class will be a mix of instruction, discussion, and in-class exercises and practices.

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Nick Doolittle has been practicing psychotherapy since 2006.  His clients have come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, ranging in age from five to over one-hundred years old. In 2006, he began providing meditation instruction to beginners in a therapeutic setting.  Since then, he has led retreats, groups, and workshops oriented towards newcomers to meditation and mindfulness practice.  In 2010 he published an introductory guide to meditation (see publications).  He has taught classes on mindfulness and hospice care through the Institute for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy. For more information about Nick visit his website.

For more information or to register email Nick.


Dates: TBD

We all experience stress – it’s a natural, unavoidable part of life. We can’t escape uncertainty, change, and our inability to control things. What we can do is develop more skillful ways of working and playing with the challenges life brings us. MSBR was developed at UMass Medical Center and is now taught world wide, helping individuals mobilize their inner resources of healing.  Thousands of research studies have been done on this highly experiential program of training in well-being. Results suggest that practicing MBSR can significantly affect one’s ability to cope with and at times reduce medical symptoms and psychological distress while learning to live life more fully. Benefits often include:

Lasting decreases in physical and psychological symptoms
Reductions in pain levels and an enhanced ability to cope with lasting pain and illness
Greater well-being, energy, and enthusiasm for life
Greater levels of self-acceptance and feeling of connection with self and others.
Stronger resilience in relationship to short- and long-term stressful situations.
This class includes: mindfulness meditation, gentle movement (yoga), group exercises and a 6-hour retreat. Making time for weekly home practice is an essential component of the class.  Guided audio files and reading materials are included. No experience needed. All are welcome.