Exploration of the many faces of movement: Somatic and Creative movement classes and workshops.


Contemporary Dance Classes

Ages 11-18
Tuesdays, 3:45-5:15
Instructor: Kelly Armbrust, Kate Gamble and guests
Price: $18 drop in, $160 for 10 classes. Register here>

Using imagery and grounding techniques from somatic traditions, we will play with gravity, weight, release, and recovery to enliven our movement. Some experience necessary.

Ages 13 to adult
Every Monday from 5:30-7 beginning March 10th.
Instructor: Faculty and guests- revolving schedule.
Price: $18 drop in, $160 for 10 classes. Register here>

Keep an eye on the Open Door calendar to see who is teaching. Class will depend on the instructor. We will be working on repertoire, more advanced technique, and improvisational scores. More info email Kate here.


ADULT MOVEMENT Programs: 16 and UP

Instructor: Scott Stone
Date and time TBA.
Series: $100, Drop in $18. Register here>

Explore your body with a fun and creative variety of movements that enhance strength, mobility, and overall body awareness. Our busy lifestyles and routines often cause ailments, as we neglect to move in the way our bodies were designed to move. In this class, we will learn a sequence that includes these types of movements: squat, hinge, push, pull, rotation, carrying, walking, and running. At the end of six weeks, you will be able to incorporate these movement sequences into your daily life and fitness routines.