Nutrition Classes

Eat your way to good health through personalized meal planning, individual counseling and nutrition workshops 

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New Year Re-Boot and Cleanse Class
Instructor: Holly Westling, RN, MS, CNS
Dates: TBD
Price: $85 ($65 for returning cleansers)

Join us for our New Year Re-Boot and Cleanse Class!
Learn how to overcome sugar habits, as well as introduce healthy lifestyle and eating habits. This is an excellent way to jump-start your healthy New Year. This program offers a diet of whole foods that will leave you feeling satisfied and not hungry. Join us for a rejuvenating program of nutritional and lifestyle education designed to boost your energy and spirit. Our 10-day detox and elimination program includes:
• Extensive nutritional cleansing instruction during two sessions
• A booklet of a pure, 10-day menu accompanied by delicious recipes using all whole foods
• group and individual email and phone call support throughout the cleanse
• The camaraderie of a like-minded group

Register by emailing Holly at

Open Door Frequent Cleanse Class
Date: TBD
Price: $35

This class is designed for those faithful followers of the Open Door Cleanse who have attended the regular class 3 times or more and just need a refresher class. This condensed version of the Open Door Cleanse will meet once as a group to review the concepts of the cleanse, learn some new recipes, and continue to support one another via email chats throughout the 10 day process.

Register by emailing Holly at

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Nutrition Notes
Instructor: Holly Westling, RN, MS, CNS
Dates: TBD
Time: 5-6pm
Price: $20 per class

Please join us for an hour of nutrition discussion offered monthly at Open Door.  Holly Westling will be offering nutrition tips and nutrition advice regarding specific topics each month as well as inviting you to bring whatever nutritional questions or concerns you may have.  Please join us for this casual, yet informative evening of nutrition discussion.



Please register in advance by emailing Holly at: