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Food as Medicine for Cancer
Date: Thursday, November 14th 3-4:30pm
Cost: $20/class includes food costs. Register Here >
Facilitator: Lili Hanft, NTP

Join Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Lili Hanft for a workshop and cooking demonstration to learn about using food to support the body’s innate healing ability. Nutritional therapy addresses health conditions such as cancer by supporting the foundations of health with a nutrient-dense, bio individualized diet. When the body has all of the nutrients it needs, it can heal and restore balance.

You will learn about: 

  • Powerful cancer-fighting compounds found in foods 

  • The importance of eating a rainbow of vegetables, healthy fats, and high quality proteins

  • Recipes and meal ideas to incorporate nutrient-dense, therapeutic foods into your diet

  • How to do a pantry clean-out and restock with health-promoting whole foods

Watch a cooking demo followed by sharing samples of nutritious dishes together. Return home inspired to get into your kitchen and explore the healing power of food.

For more information, email Lili at

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Nutrition Notes
Instructor: Holly Westling, RN, MS, CNS
Dates: TBD
Time: 5-6pm
Price: $20 per class

Please join us for an hour of nutrition discussion offered monthly at Open Door.  Holly Westling will be offering nutrition tips and nutrition advice regarding specific topics each month as well as inviting you to bring whatever nutritional questions or concerns you may have.  Please join us for this casual, yet informative evening of nutrition discussion.



Please register in advance by emailing Holly at: