Physical Therapy & Somatics 

We offer one-on-one physical therapy that focuses on a holistic approach to wellbeing.

By looking at physical and neurological function, lifestyle, and individual goals we develop programs that facilitate optimal health. With the idea that there is no one way toward greater ease, strength, and balance, the therapist and client work together to develop a practical plan of care.

Somatic practices use your internal awareness—through proprioception, interoception, kinesthetic awareness,etc.—to bring awareness to both habits and potential new choices you have in moving and embodying your life.

Benefits of Physical Therapy & Somatics

  • Ease and grace of movement

  • Reaching functional goals

  • Greater flexibility, coordination, and balance

  • Simpler, freer breathing

  • Increased energy level and more restful sleep

  • Reduced pain, muscle tension, and stress

  • More refined athletic and artistic performance

  • Injury prevention and fuller, faster recovery from injury