Somatics & Fitness

Exploration of the many faces of movement: Somatic movement and Fitness classes.


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Date & Time:Wednesdays 5:30-7pm
These classes will be faster moving but still open to new people. Some basic athleticism encouraged.
Instructor: Kate Gamble
Drop in (90 minutes) $18
10 Class Series (90 minutes) $160

Kate Gamble will be continue to offer small group classes this fall and winter that focus on moving with ease and the integration of nervous system and bio mechanics. Using principles from Feldenkrais Method, Axis Syllabus, Neurodevelopmental therapy, Laban Movement analysis and other somatic practices, we will explore moving from within.

Movements will be guided along with the opportunity to find your own movement vocabulary through basic structured patterns. We will focus on mindfulness, breath, right effort, and awakening the senses. I like to think of this work as intelligent play!

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Barre Class


Instructor:  Olivia Fauver
Price: $16 drop in, register here>
Date: Tuesdays and Thursdays (February 27-March 29)
Time: 9-10am

Barre Class blends together the best of many worlds: ballet, Pilates and strength conditioning. You’ll get a comprehensive workout as you lift and tone your muscles through small, isolated movements. Liv will target each of your muscle groups to the point of exhaustion and then stretch those muscles in a way that promotes long, lean growth instead of bulk. Barre Class is typically broken into four blocks: upper body, leg work, glutes and abdominals. Utilize light weights, exercise balls, resistance bands and the ballet barre to strengthen and tone the body. Exercise is accompanied by upbeat music followed by a relaxing final stretch. Classes are traditionally done barefoot or with socks.

Liv calls upon her background in many different dance forms to create challenging, high energy, high intensity barre classes crafted to inspire her students to be inspired by the power, expression and brilliance that already exists within their own bodies.

Strength, Flexibility and Awareness: "Inspired by the Ido Portal Method"


Date: TBA
Instructor: Joseph Sargent
Price: Series: $125, drop in $18 

This 8 week series of classes will provide tools for developing strength, flexibility, awareness and control of the body. It will draw on Ido Portal’s locomotion system, which is based in his experience with Chinese Martial Arts, Capoeira, modern dance techniques, and acrobatics. Movement patterns that will be taught will also be based in the natural movements of animals and primitive humans. Classes will feature a range of exercises to prepare and condition the body, including active mobilizations of the ankles, hips, spine, scapula and wrists, followed by lesson in locomotion and time to experiment and play. This class will also show how locomotive patterns can be combined and sequenced to produce fluid, beautiful, and highly enjoyable “floorwork,” which can also function as metabolic conditioning, in other words, a great workout!  



Time: 5:30-7:30pm on
Date: TBD
Price: $50

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First Session  
The first workshop will include two lessons that will have a profoundly calming effect on the nervous system. The opening lesson will consist of an exploration of the mouth with the tongue and connecting the oral cavity with the chest and abdominal cavity in breathing. The second lesson will be an introduction to the Bell Movement, which Feldenkrais developed later in life. It connects with peristalsis and is the basis of locomotion. 

Second Session
The second workshop will present two different strategies that lead towards a more resilient spine. The opening lesson explores the interaction of shoulder girdle and pelvis, demanding a flexible rib cage. The next lesson is done entirely in sitting, with the hands turning the spine via flexion and extension. 

Frauke Voss is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner. She was introduced to Feldenkrais ATM lessons through radio broadcasts in Switzerland. Years of work as a fibre sculptor led to repetitive strain injuries, physiotherapy and a Feldenkrais training. She maintains a practice in Toronto and Bermuda.