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November Round Table: Empowering Birth

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Date: Wednesday, November 28
Time: 6-8pm
Cost: Free and open to all with light refreshments served
Please RSVP to Katie Williams at wellmaidens@gmail.com

A conversation about shared decision making, place of birth, and family empowerment across the continuum of the perinatal experience. Across the nation, more attention is being given to how providers deliver respectful maternity care, engage patients as autonomous and active participants in shared decision making, and promote patient satisfaction while maintaining a safe birth space. Because Alice Peck Day recently closed its Birthing Center, the question of place and birth empowerment has come to the forefront in the Upper Valley.

This Round Table will be a unique opportunity to hear a conversation between hospital-based midwives from Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Alice Peck Day, homebirth midwives, doulas, obstetricians, and pediatricians. These providers will be at Open Door Integrative Wellness to share perspectives on how they work together to empower women and families throughout the perinatal experience.

Audience members will learn what considerations impact maternity, birth, postpartum and newborn care from the providers perspective. They will also learn more specifically what informed consent and shared decision making are, and how to navigate these conversations with care providers.

William Nelson of The Dartmouth Institute will be the moderator. He is a health care ethicist with a scholarly and teaching focus on organizational ethics.

William Nelson, PhD, MDiv, Associate Professor, The Dartmouth Institute

Panelist Speakers

Julie Braga, MD , Obstetrician, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Tricia Groff, MD, Pediatrician, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Kelly Brogan, MSN-APRN, Alice Peck Day Hospital and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Jennifer Pia Needleman, CPM, Homebirth Midwife  

Katie WIlliams, RN-BSN, CLC, Community based Birth and Postpartum Doula

For questions or to RSVP, email Katie Williams at wellmaidens@gmail.com


December Lunch and Learn: Introduction to CranialSacral Therapy and Acupressure

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Date: Friday, December 7
Time: 12-1pm
Presenter: Angelique Priscilla, PT
Cost: Free and open to all

December’s Lunch and Learn will look at how bodywork that nurtures, heals, and soothes. Angelique Priscilla will share about Dr. Upledger’s CranioSacral Therapy, and Aminah Raheem’s Soul Lightening Acupressure. Come learn some basics about these two forms of whole being manual therapy. Leave with a self help technique for centering and calming.

Angelique Priscilla PT has been providing integrative manual therapy in the Upper Valley for 35+ years, the last 17 of which have been in her home practice in Wilder. She is a 1980 UVM graduate with a BS in Physical Therapy.

For questions or to RSVP email Angelique at peace@angeliquepriscilla.com

December First Friday at Open Door- Free Qigong class and live music!


A Taste of Qi Gong: What is Qi Gong and How It Is Practiced
Instructors: Landon Hall and Gerry Sandweiss
Date: Friday, December 7

Qi Gong teachers Gerri Sandweiss and Landon Hall will be offering a sixty-minute presentation on Qi Gong, which will include practices from two different Qi Gong lineages.

For questions or to RSVP, email Landon at elhall888@gmail.com

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Title: Release, Breathe, and Restore
Instructor: Erin McCabe
Date: Sunday, December 9
Time: 2-4pm
Cost: $30

This workshop will focus relieving and releasing physical, mental, and emotional tension as you are guided through self myofascial release work with balls and blocks, breath work, and restorative yoga. What better way to balance the buzz of the holiday season than through gentle self-care? Refill your tank so you have more to give back!

Erin McCabe is a certified athletic trainer (AT) and professional yoga therapist (PYT) with over 10 years of experience. Her style of yoga and instruction is anatomically based with a gentle focus on the deeper, subtle layers of our systems. She hopes you will always leave feeling as though you have learned something.

For questions or to register, email Erin at info@erinmccabewellness.com


January Lunch and Learn: HEART TO HEART: Fostering Wellness through Expressive Writing Workshops

Date: Friday, January 4
Time: 12-1pm
Presenter: Joni B. Cole
Cost: Free and open to all

Expressive writing, also known as reflective or introspective writing, invites individuals to respond to a “prompt” as a means of exploring their thoughts and feelings, and tapping into the unconscious. What manifests on the page may take the form of word associations, a memory, a stream-of-conscious journey, a story... There is no wrong way to respond. While an expressive writing workshop is not therapy or a clinical group, the emotional and physical benefits to participants are well documented—especially when this form of free writing is done in a safe, appreciative group.

Join author and writing instructor Joni B. Cole as she discusses the value of expressive writing to you and to your organization. She’ll also facilitate a brief hands-on demonstration, so bring something to write on/with.

For more info about Joni, visit www.jonibcole.com

For questions, or to RSVP, email Joni at jonibethcole@gmail.com

Sound Healing Sessions & Sound Bath with Sound Massage

Date: Saturday, January 5
Presenter: Kirk Jones


Kirk Jones of Evolvlove Sound Therapy is returning to Open Door on Saturday January 5th, offering 1 on 1 Sound Healing Sessions from 1-6pm and a Sound Bath with Sound Massage from 7-8:30pm.

When sound and vibration are applied to the body, the tones relax the mind, melt away stress and the effects of long term stress, vibrate away pains and the causes of pain, and bring the body into coherent peaceful elevated harmonic wholeness.  Sound is powerful medicine for the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical body.  Nearly every session is reported to be deeply profound and transformative for the client. 

The sound bath is recommended for everyone.  If you are pregnant or have a pace maker, let us know prior to the start of the session. 

If you are experiencing acute or chronic pains or have another condition which concerns you, the private sessions are recommended.  Longer sessions recommended for stronger conditions.

30 minute private session, $45
60 minute private session, $75
90 minute private session, $105
Book private sessions with Kirk by emailing love@evolvlove.com and/or calling 510-697-7790.

90 minute sound bath with sound massage, $25
Book your space for this sound bath at squareup.com/store/evolvlove

For questions, email Kirk at love@evolvlove.com

Death Cafe

Date: Wednesday, January 9, 2019
Time: 5:30-7pm
Cost: Free and open to the public (donations to Open Door's Scholarship Fund welcome)
Facilitator: Cynthia Stadler, Bayada Hospice nurse

Open Door and  and Bayada Hospice Nurse, Cynthia Stadler host an open conversation about end of life topics. Refreshments provided.

A Death Café is a group-directed discussion of death with no agenda or objectives. Recognizing that society does not make it easy to talk about death, we aim to create a respectful, open, confidential space to explore thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about death, dying, and related subjects. Join us for refreshments and lively conversation as we explore death and ultimately how to make the most of our (finite) lives. This is not a bereavement support group or a grief counseling group. Everyone is welcome.

For questions or to RSVP, email Cynthia at cjmstadler@gmail.com 

Future Cafes:

March 13, 2019
May 8, 2019
September 11, 2019
November 13, 2019

Introduction to Teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga

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Date: Saturday, January 12
Time: 2-5pm
Presenter: Holle Black
Cost: $30 before January 5, $35 after January 5

This 3 hour workshop is for health care professionals, yoga teachers, or anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of trauma sensitive yoga. Trauma sensitive yoga aims to help people regain comfort in their bodies,  improve self-regulation and decrease the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Symptoms of trauma may include:

  • Anger and persistent feelings of sadness and despair,

  • Nightmares, severe anxiety, flashbacks, and obsessive or uncontrollable thoughts,

  • Physical symptoms, such as nausea and headaches, and/or

  • Feelings of isolation and hopelessness

Trauma  sensitive yoga and mindfulness training have proven effective in providing  tools for gaining self-confidence, focusing  attention, and controlling  emotions and conduct, while engaging in positive physical and mental activity. The workshop will address how trauma affects the mind and body; how to use trauma sensitive yoga to help heal the mind/body disconnect after trauma; and how trauma sensitive yoga differs from standard studio yoga.  

Holle is a C-IAYT, and  E-RYT 500 certified Yoga Therapist who studied under the guidance of master teacher Yoganand Michael Carroll, and Marlysa Sullivan MPT, E-RYT. In addition, Holle is a certified prenatal yoga teacher, certified kids yoga teacher, and has completed an additional 300 hour training with David Emerson at the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts. Holle designed and directs the Trauma Sensitive Yoga, 20 hour training module for the 500hr therapeutic Center for Integrative Yoga Studies advanced teacher training. Holle is the founder and director of Centering Youth, a yoga service project in Atlanta, that brings yoga and mindfulness to incarcerated youth, incarcerated pregnant women, homeless LGBTQ youth, Refugee youth and women, and women who have been sexually exploited.

For questions or to register, email Holle at holleblack@comcast.net


Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Level I and II

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Instructor: Kelly Kuder
Level I Training
Friday, February 15 -  Level One  8am - 6pm  & Saturday , February 16 - Level One 8am - 1PM 
Level II Training
Saturday, February 16 - Level Two  2pm - 7pm & Sunday, February 17 - Level Two 8am - 6pm
Early Registration for Single Training sign up by January 12, $645. After January 12, $700.00
Early Registration for Both Trainings sign up by January 12, $1190 .  After January 12, $1350.00

Level I Training
This training is a unique and fun way to expand your experience as a yoga teacher and the perfect way to earn your CEU’s! Receive a 55 Page Manual complete with pictures and detailed information.
What is Aerial Yoga? Aerial yoga is one of the newest blends of yoga and aerial circus arts, utilizing a silk hammock as a prop to aid the student in surrender during traditional postures that are difficult to achieve due to minimal flexibility or strength, physical injuries and often times, emotional fear. Aerial Yoga is an amazing practice and fun way to change up your traditional experience with yoga on the mat, as well as a teaching yoga. Practicing Yoga in the hammock allows you to discover and unleash your hidden challenges and strengths. It balances and encourages deeper and unique stretching through a traditional Aerial Yoga Flow class.
Curriculum, Practice and Teaching. Basic Beginner and Advanced Level One Poses and Flow. Learn how to teach an Aerial Yoga Flow Class

Level II Training- Take your Aerial Yoga teaching to the next level!
Come share your Aerial Yoga teaching experiences as well as learn new ways to teach more safe and advanced poses in the aerial hammock. This training is a unique and fun way to expand your experience as a yoga teacher and the perfect way to earn 18 CEU’s.  This training provides the perfect opportunity to review what you have already learned and to strengthen your Aerial Yoga teaching skills. Bringing experienced Aerial Yoga Teachers together is the perfect way to gain new ideas, and freshen up your already fabulous Aerial yoga class.
Our 35 page Level Two Teacher Training Manual has been created to enhance the material that can be brought to a more advanced Aerial Yoga class. In our Level Two AYTT, we will work on developing a multilevel class from the basic sequence taught In Level One but with more advanced postures, assisting, transitions and modifications.

Teacher Training will be taught by: Kelly Kuder 500 E-RYT , 200 E-RYT. Earn 30 CEU’s towards RYT

For questions or to register, email Kelly at kellykuder@mac.com