Playback Theater is an improvisational, community building form of theater created through a unique collaboration between performers and audience. Someone tells a story or a moment from their life, then watches as their story is immediately recreated and given artistic shape and coherence. A story can be anything: a comical moment from work,
 a drama unfolding in the here and now, a memory from childhood or a future story in the form of a hope or a dream. These stories give voice to our humanity: and to the complexities and contradictions in human experience. 

In the initial workshop we will learn some of the basics of Playback. In the subsequent classes, we will delve more deeply into various Playback forms, sharing our own stories and creating a space for compassionate listening, laughter, trust and reflection. My hope is that some members of this inter generational class will be interested in becoming citizen actors in an Upper Valley Playback Company, in which we can be of service, celebrating diversity and inclusivity and allowing others to see themselves, one another, and their community in new and refreshing ways.

Playback Theater
Wed. Oct. 11 6-8pm
Register and questions: Kate Schaefer

Price: $15

Kate Schaefer, MFA - Kate received her MFA in Acting in 1975, from the NYU Theater Program. She acted professionally for several years before teaching Drama at Smith College and eventually, for 25 years, at the Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH.

Kate created a young people's ongoing Playback Company at the Richmond School in 1990, with a new company each year for 19 years, that toured to various locations in the Upper Valley Community. Most recently, she has consulted for Memphis Playback, in Memphis, TN, as this professional company brings their work into under served schools in the Memphis area. Kate has long had a vision of creating an inter generational Upper Valley Playback Company.


Open Door has created a simple 6-week curriculum to examine the nature of stress and to learn strategies to minimize its impact. Our team has targeted three primary areas: mindfulness, physical activity, and nutrition. We believe fostering these skills will increase your capacity to manage stress. Our guided curriculum includes discussion, practice, and independent work between classes. Your progress will be measurable using the provided workbook and through a follow up session one month.

Week 1- September 19 - Introduction
Week 2- September 26 - Mindfulness
Week 3- October 3 - Nutrition
Week 4- October 10 - Movement
Week 5-  October 17 - Integrated Strategies
Week 6- November 14 - Follow-up

Classes are held from 6 - 8 pm.

Kate Gamble, BFA, MSPT
Britton Mann, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Holly Westling, RN,MS,CNS
Miriah Wall, MS, CMHC, CYT

Price: $180, includes course workbook. Register here>

Meets the third Sunday of every month from 3-4:30pm.
Free and open to the public.

A group-directed discussion to explore death and how to make the most of our (finite) lives.

Instructors: Cindy Pierce and Kevin Comeau
Time: TBA

This workshop, taught by Cindy Pierce and Kevin Comeau, will blend two approaches to awareness and empowerment for young women.

Cindy's aim is to inspire women to intentionally seek a stronger sense of who we are. Staying strong in our values and beliefs can be challenging, but the freedom of being our true selves leads to more clarity and conviction.

Kevin's approach to women's self defense centers on agency. Women have the right to determine their own course in life. Kevin will demonstrate practical ways in which women can utilize their strength, along with leverage, precision, and passion, to establish and maintain safe and healthy boundaries for their bodies, and by extension, their spirits.

The women who participate in this workshop will leave with an enhanced sense of their own individual and communal power, with more tools to navigate a challenging but exciting world.

Returning in Fall
Please register by email here.

Dynamic and Healthy Legs
In these two consecutive workshops Frauke will explore with you the topic ofdynamic and healthy legs. We will start with an early developmental movement lesson involving trunk and legs; work extensively with the feet and ankles and examine their importance with regards to functioning of the knees, hips, pelvis and  trunk;  and finally discover that improved functioning of the buttocks has a profound effect on the organization of the leg and the  whole self. Because the foot occupies a large area in the motor cortex,  it is a great vehicle for organic learning. We all benefit when we gain a greater "understanding" of this platform.

Frauke Voss is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner. She was introduced to Feldenkrais ATM lessons through radio broadcasts in Switzerland. Years of work as a fibre sculptor led to repetitive strain injuries, physiotherapy and a Feldenkrais training. She maintains a practice in Toronto and Bermuda,