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Injury Prevention for the Non-Agile and/or Aging Cyclist

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Date:Thursday, April 25
Time: 5:30-7pm
Instructor: Britton Mann
Cost: $25 per class

Outdoor cycling season is here, and with it the upcoming million (+/-) revolutions you’ll put into your legs this season. This workshop will introduce some different movement patterns that will help prevent injury and make you a stronger rider.

The less flexible you are, the more you’ll benefit from this workshop. Come in lycra or athletileisure gear, even jeggings will do. Sense of humor and willingness to be seen off the bike are prerequisites.

Britton Mann, partner at Open Door Integrative Wellness, will be teaching these classes. He has been a continual student of movement arts since childhood, with 18 years of teaching yoga and martial arts. He puts about 120 miles weekly on the bike when it is not snowing.

Dates are progressive, but attendance at both not necessary.

For questions or to register, email Britton at

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Experiential Anatomy: The Core

Date: Saturday, April 27
Instructor: Sara Lamie
Cost: $30

Sara Lamie, PT, DPT will be guiding a hands-on anatomy workshop designed to introduce the muscles that support our midsection both directly and indirectly. This course will use discussion, demonstration, physical movement, and isolated contractions to learn about, neurologically connect with, and experience how these muscles stabilize and move our bodies. We will learn about the foundational importance of core stabilization and activation within our daily activities and active lives. Common postural asymmetries and mechanical faults, which contribute to injury and dysfunction, will be discussed, as well as relevant corrections for prevention and wellness.

No prior experience necessary. Perfect for those who seek to better understand their bodies and for practitioners of bodywork and fitness looking to deepen their understanding of core anatomy and activation.

Sara is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with 9 years experience in orthopedics and geriatrics. She seeks to learn what drives her clients in order to form a collaborative partnership. Her intent is to give her clients the tools to help them achieve and maintain their functional and recreational goals.   

For questions or to register, email Sara at


May Lunch & Learn- Getting Old is Not for Sissies
Date: Friday, May 3
Time: 12-1pm
Cost: Free and open to all
Facilitator: Ann Greenwald

Do your aches and pains seem to multiply after each birthday you celebrate?  Do you find yourself saying “I’m getting old” when you can’t do the activities you once loved due to joint pain?  Do you ever wonder “will I ever get back to feeling normal” if pain persists even after “you do everything right”?  

Chronic pain is not normal.  The human mind and body is a miraculous system that can recover, heal, and grow when all systems work together in a balanced relationship.  Our bodies adapt to our lifestyles.  It’s no wonder our backs and necks hurt when we sit in cars or at computer desks for hours on end!  Come and learn how to be your own body detective and discover the 3 basic tools that will help you recover quickly and with less pain from any injury, disease, or surgery so that you can move freely and easily doing the activities you love to do!

Ann is a personal trainer and movement coach with a Masters degree in Orthopedic Biomechanics and certifications in Neurokinetic Therapy and Active Aging Health Coaching.  She loves working with chronologically enriched clients who struggle with chronic joint pain, neurological issues, and balance deficiencies both on land and in the water.  

For questions or to RSVP, email Ann at

Introduction to Aerial Silks


Date: Saturday, May 4
1-3:30pm- Youth, ages 7-15
3:30-6pm- Adults, ages 15 and up
Cost: $50. Register here>
Facilitators: Staff from the New England Center for Circus Arts

A beginner taste of this popular and beautiful aerial form, like dancing on air! No experience necessary.  Workshop will begin with gentle stretching to prepare for shapes in the air. Students will then move onto the apparatus to learn some poses and try climbing in a supportive atmosphere. Come in comfortable fitted clothing and ready to move.

For questions, email Serenity at

Register here>

Death Cafe
Date: Wednesday, May 8
Time: 5:30-7pm
Cost: Free and open to the public (donations to Open Door's Scholarship Fund welcome)
Facilitator: Cynthia Stadler, Bayada Hospice nurse

Open Door and  and Bayada Hospice Nurse, Cynthia Stadler host an open conversation about end of life topics. Refreshments provided.

A Death Café is a group-directed discussion of death with no agenda or objectives. Recognizing that society does not make it easy to talk about death, we aim to create a respectful, open, confidential space to explore thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about death, dying, and related subjects. Join us for refreshments and lively conversation as we explore death and ultimately how to make the most of our (finite) lives. This is not a bereavement support group or a grief counseling group. Everyone is welcome.

For questions or to RSVP, email Cynthia at 

Future Cafes:
September 11, 2019
November 13, 2019

In the Pink


Dates: Sundays, May 12, May 19 & June 2
Time: 6-8pm
Instructor: Ruth Lembo
Cost: $90 for the series

"In the Pink" means that you are living in extraordinary health and spirits.  Claiming such a prime state of being requires a holistic approach to health.  It focuses on Mind, Body and Spirit as they are all integratively one.  The process itself is greatly rewarding and the results are long lasting and ever evolving.   

This IN THE PINK Workshop with Holistic Health Coach, Ruth Lembo, serves as a jumpstart to the healthiest and happiest version of YOU.  In the series of three consecutive workshops, Ruth shares powerful tools in guiding you to :
1.  Align your vibrational frequency with your health goals to more effortlessly reach them.
2.  Increase your Self-love and minimize stress.
3.  Use your intuition to nourish your body and make food your friend.

The workshop is deeply nurturing and a lot of fun!

Ruth Lembo is a certified Holistic Health Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York City.  She coaches individuals in realizing all they can be through healthy eating, balanced living and Self-love.

For more details about the workshop or to reserve a spot, feel free to email her at

RSVP required by May 5.

Caring for the Caregivers ( While NCCC offers a Caregivers Support Group, this class is an opportunity to build skills)

Dates: Wednesday, May 22
Time: 1-3pm
Instructor: Kate Gamble & Holly Westling
Cost: $20

This class is geared toward developing resiliency and restoring the foundational tools of self-care, compassion, and equanimity in order to provide care for others.  Mindfulness practices, healthy eating, and moderate physical activity are combined in practical ways in order to develop a sustainable practice in one’s busy and demanding life.

For questions or to register, email Kate at

Experiential Anatomy: Demystifying the Nervous System

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Date: Sunday, May 26
Time: 1-3pm
Instructor: Erin Ingram
Cost: $30

Please join me for a spine-tingling discussion as we untangle the mysterious web of the Nervous System! Starting with our embryonic origins, we will begin to unfurl neuroanatomy to discover the different types of nerve fibers and what information they transmit. By better understanding our nervous system, we can better appreciate what our neurons have to say.

Bring your questions! Also look for future sessions to explore the neuroscience of pain.

Erin Ingram is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with Board Certification in Neurologic Physical Therapy through the APTA.

Cash or check at the door. Come as your are, bring your friends!

For questions or to register, email Erin at